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Discover the advantages of Routine and General Inpatient Hospice Care in Keysville, VA at Wayland Nursing & Rehab. We prioritize both patient and caregiver well-being by providing specialized care that promotes better outcomes. Our General Inpatient Hospice Care offers a higher level of support, ensuring improved patient comfort, effective pain management, and enhanced symptom control. It is important to note that General Inpatient Hospice Care and routine hospice care are distinct services, each catering to specific needs. With our comprehensive General Inpatient Hospice Care in Keysville, VA, we deliver specialized care for individuals requiring a higher level of support, while also offering routine hospice care for those with different needs.

A nurse assisting a senior patient to walk through the corridor of a community nursing facility.

Routine Hospice Care

Wayland also offers Routine Hospice Care, which is the most common and widely used level of hospice care. With Routine Hospice Care, individuals choose to receive hospice care in the comfort of their own residence, which can include a skilled nursing facility. At Wayland, we provide spacious private rooms with dedicated private baths and showers in Keysville, VA.

Additionally, we offer a comfortable couch for guests who are invited to stay with their loved ones during this emotional chapter. 

General Impatient (GIP) Care


One of the higher levels of hospice that Medicare covers is General Inpatient (GIP) care. GIP is useful for circumstances where a patient needs “…pain control or acute or chronic symptom management, which can’t be managed in other settings” ( If patients are experiencing pain or other symptoms that meet Medicare’s requirements, and those symptoms cannot be controlled in the place they consider to be their home, GIP may be a clinically appropriate option for them on a short-term basis.

At Wayland Nursing & Rehab, we understand the unique needs of patients requiring Routine or General Inpatient Hospice Care in Keysville, VA. Our experienced team provides exceptional care and support during this challenging time. Consider referring patients to Wayland Nursing & Rehab, right here in Keysville, VA. Local hospice providers, hospitals, as well as loved ones and family can trust us to provide exceptional care. With our focus on delivering better outcomes, patients can experience the highest level of support during their challenging times.

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